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Foto:Gustaf Edgren, Project Manager Industry Trends & Anders Rosenkilde, Head of Technical Development, TMF

Nordbygg - a platform for export investment

Trä och möbelföretagen, TMF (Wood and furniture company association), choose Nordbygg to reach their different target groups. The purpose is to spread knowledge on industrial wood construction.

Our overall purpose is to pave the way for our members to do business, says Gustaf Edgren, Project Manager Industry Trends – Wood houses, at the Wood and furniture company association (Trä och möbelföretagen, TMF). Among other things, we do this by spreading knowledge at Nordbygg and increasing competence regarding industrial wood construction.

Export opportunities

For exhibitors, the fair offers interesting opportunities to establish international contacts. A large part of the visitors, 13 per cent in 2016, are namely from other countries.

– Previous years, we have noticed that the foreign visitors in particular show great interest in our companies and our environmental thinking. And many have replied to questions on specific products and the companies that manufacture them, says Anders Rosenkilde, Head of Technical Development at TMF.

This means that there are great export opportunities for the building materials companies within TMF, who currently have a low average export share of 17 per cent. The export of windows is around 5 per cent, staircases 19 per cent and doors 46 per cent.

– This can be compared to the furniture industry, where about 60 per cent is exported. The export potential is therefore huge, says Anders Rosenkilde.

A showcase of their own

When the gates to Nordbygg open up in April, 2018, TMF will for the first time have their own showcase. It will be placed next to their closest partner, the organisation Svenskt Trä (Swedish Wood), and in connection to a joint stage.
– We have felt the need to, from our own perspective, increase knowledge on industrial construction with wood. Together with around 30 other exhibiting member companies and Svenskt Trä, we make sure to form a wood competence centre at the fair, says Anders Rosenkilde.

Seminars and discourses

TMF:s participation will include discourses and program items on new materials and methods.

– We will also arrange a competition addressed to craftsmen, and will additionally present our training Qualified Wooden House Builder, says Anders Rosenkilde.

Nordbygg is a great opportunity to issue knowledge and news. The visitors are curious and with the right attitude as an exhibitor, it is an excellent opportunity to sow before you reap, say both Gustaf and Anders.