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Foto:Sofia Törnlöf, Marknadschef på Panasonic Sverige

”Energy efficient solutions will be a major feature at Nordbygg 2018”

Green options increasingly important in the heating and cooling market. Panasonic are pumped with new solutions and products for houses and commercial properties for Nordbygg 2018.

Panasonic is returning with its own showcase for Nordbygg 2018, after having been present through distributors last year.
“Presence at Nordbygg is extremely important. A lot of visitors from our neighbouring countries come here. Panasonic Nordic operates in all of the Nordic countries and the Baltic countries.”

“By being seen at Nordbygg, we reach this entire target group. There is no other fair of the same scale in the other countries”, says Sofia Törnlöf, Marketing Manager at Panasonic Sweden.

News that will facilitate

Panasonic will present many product novelties and solutions for heat and cold at Nordbygg 2018, both for the housing market and for commercial buildings.

These product novelties will affect both commercial cooling and heating as well as air-air and air-water. Panasonic has invested in product development for energy efficiency and simple monitoring and control of houses and commercial buildings.

“We want to make it easier for our customers. Both for house builders, for fitters and service technicians, who use and work with our products on a daily basis”, says Sofia.

More environmentally friendly options
Sofia sees a increased focus on green energy, both concerning energy efficiency and Co2 emissions.

“Many in this industry need to adapt to harsher requirements and laws, both in the Nordics and the rest of Europe. That puts pressure on the producers to have a greener stance on products and areas of use”, Sofia says.

“We have been prepared for rather a long time, for example by offering products with more environmentally friendly refrigerants. I think the industry has come a long way in working with the environment and that we will notice that at Nordbygg 2018”, says Sofia.